Motorcycle Adventure Candle - Full Send

Motorcycle Adventure Candle - Full Send

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 Get Stoked!

We’ve all been there. Sitting at the bottom of a gnarly hill or approaching an insane jump at the track only to feel our resolve slip away at the start of every obstacle. Did you think about it too much? Or maybe you thought about it too little? Either way, sending it seems like a good solution, or a terrible one?…but we know you can do this. Teeth are overrated, right? The only thing you should think about now is, light and get stoked. Mmmm, this kind of confidence smells nice doesn’t it?

• SMELLS LIKE: Adrenaline with notes of Overconfidence

• TRUE SCENT PROFILE: Suede, Smoke, Charcoal

 • BURN TIME: 50 hrs • SIZE: 3.5x3.75