Motorcycle Adventure Candle - Hole Shot

Motorcycle Adventure Candle - Hole Shot

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We know you want it bad. But did you get it? One whiff of our Hole Shot candle and you will instantly be transformed into a moto god, blasting into the lead and making that first turn with the greatest of ease, you just left all those sad losers miles behind you! Now you’re owning anything and everyone that challenges your incredible, god-like bike skills. You’re untouchable and It looks like you’ve already won! Disclaimer: Our candles can’t make you a moto god but they could possibly make you feel like one.

• SMELLS LIKE: Tears of The defeated with notes of Winning

• TRUE SCENT PROFILE: Freshly Cut Grass, Race Fuel

 • BURN TIME: 50 hrs • SIZE: 3.5x3.75