Motorcycle Adventure Candle - Whiskey Throttle

Motorcycle Adventure Candle - Whiskey Throttle

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“Get on it”, they said. “It’ll be fun”, they said. You twist the throttle and pop the clutch. Sadly, you just took the shortest and most uncontrolled ride of your life, and in celebration you give a high five, to a fence, with your face. Go you! Our Whiskey Throttle candle sums up all your good intentions followed by extreme fear and panic. The scent hits you so fast all you’ll notice is the healing fragrance of whiskey, and that’s all you’ll really need after that. Don’t ya think?

• SMELLS LIKE: Fear with notes of Confusion

• TRUE SCENT PROFILE: Vanilla, Bourbon


 • BURN TIME: 50 hrs • SIZE: 3.5x3.75