Black Tahlequah Earrings

Black Tahlequah Earrings

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Rose suede with raw brass and gold plated hoops. 50% of sales of the Tahlequah earrings will go to conservation of the Resident Southern Killer Whales in the Pacific Northwest. The plight of Tahlequah carrying her dead baby for hundreds of miles, refusing to let it go, has struck the hearts of people around the world. The plight of the southern residents, in decline for years, has never been so stark. Down to just 74 orcas. It’s time to breach the Snake River dams to restore the salmon population (their only food source) or face loosing these amazing whales for good.

What else can you do? Call these numbers and let them know you support the breaching of the Snake River dams.

Governor Inslee 1.360.902.4111

Senator Maria Cantwell

Senator Patty Murray

and The Army Corps of Engineers 1.202.761.0000 with “I support Alternative 4”