Motorcycle Adventure Candle - Brappy Trails

Motorcycle Adventure Candle - Brappy Trails

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 Get Stoked!

There's nothing like ripping down an alpine trail with the delicate smell of oil and gas in your nostrils. That’s a 2 Stroke for ya and that’s ok because you and your bike are one with nature. Whoa!, was that a bunny? Yes, yes it was my friend and now the sun is out, the dirt is flying, and the birds are tweeting. Only you can’t hear them over the sound of “Braaaaaaaap!” We congratulate you. You’ve actually discovered true happiness, and now you can smell it too.

• SMELLS LIKE: Oil and Gas with notes of Happiness

• TRUE SCENT PROFILE: Burnt Rubber, Tree Bark, Motor Oil

• BURN TIME: 50 hrs • SIZE: 3.5x3.75